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This beard conditioner was cultivated after months of research and is made with only the finest natural blends of oils. Simply put, it is the best beard growth oil on the market. Most beard oils contain four or less oil varieties, but Genuine Growth has nine! It was designed to be very lightweight and will help keep beard hair conditioned and shiny. Because it's a lightweight blend, it won't weigh down your beard or feel greasy.

Genuine Growth will have you smelling like you just left the barber shop. In fact, people may be wondering why you smell so fresh. You shouldn't leave for your next date, or anywhere for that matter, without this blend.

We’ve made a lot of friends along the way and we keep in touch with our beard growing community. Some of them have reported accelerated beard growth anywhere from 2 to 6 times faster than unattended beards. The one common factor among those beardies reporting faster growth is their use of Genuine Growth.

To use, apply 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand, and rub palms together. Then, work the oil into your beard and skin.

Virgin Argan Oil

Keeps hair strong and moisturised.

Pure Jojoba Oil

Thickens hair by stimulating hair follicles.

Vitamin E Oil

Encourages blood flow to the follicles.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Natural DHT blocker and reduces inflammation to hair follicles.

Hempseed Oil

Contains fatty acids that feed and retain moisture of hair.

Grapeseed Oil

Gives hair a shiny and healthy look.

Sweet Almond Oil

Maintains healthy cell membranes.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Makes hair and skin softer and more pliable.

Avocado Oil

Helps stimulate blood flow and unclogs blocked follicles.

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